The place where Sri Swamiji preached sermons to Garimireddi Achchamma is located in Yaganti. This is approximately 20 kilometers from Banaganapalle. The flush and hilly area, with canals running with fresh water, where Sri Yaganteeswarlives, gives a fresh scenic beauty to the devotees and the tourists visiting this pilgrimage centre. There is a big sized bull statue is erected here. The bull which is described in his Kalagnana by the Swamiji as the one which shouts at peak and high pitch of voice, seems to be this Bull only. This stoned bull is expanding it its size little by little. In the earlier days people used to do circumambulations (Pradakshanas) around the four pillared bull But currently, the bull increased enormously in its size almost hitting the pillars at the four corners. There, the Pradakshinas are to be done only inside these four pillars. There is a tall hill top at the western side of the temple which consists of many caves. Since Swamiji was preaching several aspects of the future to Achchamma at this place, it is called Muchchatla Konda (a hilly area where several things were dis- cussed) Currently, this place is under the control of Department of Archeology. Crow which is the Vahana (vehicle) of God Sani will not be seen at this pilgrimage centre.

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