Vibhuti Naga Lingeshwara Swamy (idol)

                On the way from Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji’s Mattam, to Siddayya’s Mattam, we will reach Amagampalle. There is a Vibhooti Lingam supposed to have been created and installed by Sri Veerabrahmendra swamiji in a village called Akkampeta, located on the northern side at a distance of 2 kilometres. According to the Pujaris and villagers here, in spite of removing certain quantity of Vibhuti (ash) from the Lingam, it gets automatically replaced itself and grows up in full shape instantly. This Lingam is only called the "Vibhuti Nagalingeswara Swamiji" Despite there being no financial resources or support forthcoming, the villagers themselves perform special pujas and cultural programmes etc. on the auspicious days of Sivaratri and Kartika Maasam, every year.

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