For festival (a Jatara) of the Poleramma (village deity) in Kandimallayapalle Village, people had approached Swamiji for donation. The elders of the village summoned him to the Racchabanda, (a place like people’s court) and questioned him as to why he was not able to offer donation. Is it for the Swamiji, who re-incarnated as a human being to emancipate mis beliefs and superstitions in the people to offer donation……? He uttered “Poleri! and orderd bring fire to lit up my cigar…” and instantly, the deity, with wide spread and long hair, instantly appeared in the shape of a woman with a fire stick in one hand and offered it to Swamiji. Thereupon seeing the miracle, realizing what had happened before their eyes, the elders of the village had fallen on his feet and requested him to pardon them. Now, this is the place is called the “Rachchabanda” (Chavidi-A place resembling peoples court, an atrium). Which can be seen near the residence of Swamiji.

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