Poleramma Temple

                As his son Pothulurayya had disturbed him during his deep penance in his Sajeeva Samadhi (self-made tomb), Sri Veerbrahmendra Swamiji ordered him to undertake deep penance for a period of 12 years. In obedience of his father’s order, he undertook deep penance on the hill near Malameedapalli. There, a girl was attending on him, doing all service sincerely. On completion of his penance, while returning to Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, she also accompanied him. This girl is not an ordinary girl. She is great and a powerful person, looking in the form of an ordinary girl (Poleramma) Sri Pothuluryya looking at a nearby neem tree at the outskirts of the village, has ordered her to stay back at this tree and bless and protect the devotees that come to visit the Mattam. She followed his command and did what he ordered to. She is Poleramma, living at a distance of about one kilometer on the eastern side from the Mattam.

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