Nela Mattam (Banaganapalle)

                Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, with the permission of his fostering mother Veera Papamamba, toured the entire country, undertaking pilgrimage to several temples and finally, on reaching Banaganapalle in Kurnool Dist., lived at the house of Garimireddy Achchamma, taking care of the cattle there. He wrote his Kalagnanam in the nearby location Ravvala Konda. On completion of writing Kalagnanam, around the period 1627 Garimireddi Achchamma had built Nela Mattam in accordance with the wishes of Swamiji. There is evidence in his work Kalagnanam that for about 23 years Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji performed his penance here. When Sri Swamiji moved to Kandimallayapalle from Banaganapalle, he installed his Aatma Lingam here i.e., in the Nela Mattam and entrusted the daily performance of rituals to him by his first disciple Annajayya. One can see here the tomb of Annajayya also along with the Aatma Lingam of Swamiji.

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