Navaratna Mandapam

                Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami, 400 years ago, in his kalagnana, prophesied that a temple will be constructed in Kandimallayapalle (Brahmamgari Mutt) in Kaliyuga before his arrival. Sri Patnala Sanyasi Rao, an Industrialist from Chennai, was destined to be the builder of this temple at Brahmamgari Mattam. The architectural style of this temple is termed Navaratna, as nine temples are associated in one structure.

Sree Heramba Ganapathi Temple on South East corner,
Manu Brahma (Shiva) temple with Adisakthi (Parvathi) is at the East,
Maya Brahma (Vishnumurthi) with Parasakthi (Lakshmi) is at South,
Twastha Brahma (Chaturmukha Brahma) with Itcha Sakthi (Saraswathi) is at West,
Shilpi Brahma (Indra) with Kriyasakthi (Sachidevi) is at North,
Viswagna Brahma (Surya) with Gnanasakthi (Sanja Devi) is at Northeast,
Vishwakarma (Vedapitha) with Gayathri Devi (Vedamatha) is at the centre,
Venugopala Swamy temple at the Southwest,
Sri Sanaari Vishweshwara Swamy at the northwest and 125 Gothra rushi idols are installed in the temple premises.
A Veda Pathashala (Vedic School) is running at this temple premises.

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