Nagaripadu Sri Ranganayakula Swamy

                Nagaripadu is a small village near Chitvel which is adjacent to Rajampet. One must see without fail, the temple of Sri Rangaraju Swami (Sri Ranganayakula Swamy) who is said to have born as a gift of Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, in the context of Swamiji's countrywide tour. Rangaraju came to Kandimallayapalle with a view to marry Sri Eshwari Devi the grand daughter of the Swamiji. Accompanied by his Son Pothulurayya Swami, he went to Banaganapalle and brought copies of Kalagnanam. Since nothing was written in the Kalagnana about the marriage of Rangaraju with Eshwari Devi he left for Nagaripadu and jumped into fire and burnt himself. On the third day when Pothulurayya has gone to that place and called Rangaraju by name, and he had shown up his forearm adorned with Kankanam (bracelet). Pothulurayya made arrangements to build a tomb for Rangaraju and arrangements for daily pooja have also been made. Palmyra leaves with scribbling was also available there. Every year pooja celebrations will be held in a grand scale in Nagaripadu Village. Buses are being plied by the AP State Road Transport Corporation from Nagaripadu to places like: Railway Koduru, Rajampet, Chitvel

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