Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Lived House

                The residence of the Swamji is located in Kandimallayalpalle Village, at about a furlong distance from Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy Mattam, on the Southern side. It is here that Sri Swamiji, living with his wife, making agricultural implements for the villagers and preaching the philosophy left by his fathers and forefathers, to the people. On the pretext that he criticized the sacrificing of innocent animals with ill conceived, superstitious practices, the villagers have driven him away from the village. There is a popular belief that Sri Swamiji, then, dug out a well for himself in his backyard. The water in this well is very cool. On the eastern side of this house, there is a Pooja Mandir. Right from his time, a Paamulaputta (a small heap like earth where snakes live) that has been growing up steadily since his time. In the year 1912 on the auspiious day of Karthika Bahula Trayodasi, a Soujanya Patrika a Palmyra leaf (Taalapatram) had emerged and was preserved.

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