Sri Kakkayya Swamy Mattam

                Kakkayya Mattam: While Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji was preaching Shatchakra details to his disciple Siddayya, Kakkayya heard all that, clandestinely. Having heard that Devatas (Agels) are inside his body, upon going home he cut his wife Muthamma who was asleep, into pieces, killing her. But he did not see the so-called Devatas in her pieces of her body. Thereupon, he blamed and questioned the Swamiji that what all he was preaching was mere lies and bogus. Having come to know what really has happened Swamiji went to the house of Kakkayya, accompanied by Siddayya. Having been stunned at the desire of Kakkayya to see Devatas in the pieces of the body of his wife, he offered her Jnana Netra by sprinkling Udakam (pure, powerful and sacred water) from his Kamandal and shown Devatas in her body pieces, to both Siddayya and Kakkayya. Muthamma is now alive. The Harijan couple Kakkayya and muthamma became obedient disciplines of the Swamiji instantly. The tombs where the tombs of Kakkayya and Muthamma are located is called the Kakkayya Mattam now. This is at a distance of about a furlong of Swamiji’s Mattam, on the way of Poleramma temple. Harijans only work as Trustees (Dharmakartas) and Pujaris here. During the period of celebrations at the Mattam, cultural and entertainment programmes and Bhajans etc. are conducted here with devotion in a well planned manner.

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