Jaganmatha Sri Eshwari Devi Mattam

                Sri Govinda Swamy, the second son of Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji took over as Head of the Mattam after departure of Sri Brahmamji. His daughter is Jaganmatha Sri Eshwari Devi. Remaining a spinster throughout her life, she is another great noble personality and a Mahayogini who spread the philosophy i.e., the Kalagnana of her grand father Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamy, to the world. Having lived for one hundred years, she went into exile, the Sajeeva Samadhi on the auspicious day of Margasia Bahula Navami. There is the tomb of her father Sri Govinda Swamy in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Eshwari Devi Mattam. By the side of this, at the outer Mandir, there are tombs of herself, her brother Omkara Swamy and mother Girimamma. Like Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji, she also wrote Kalagnanam Currently, the Kalagnanam written by her on Palmyra leaves is available in the village called Kongala Ramapuram, adjacent to Kalasapadu. The word that comes out of the mouth of Sri Eshwari Devi becomes an instant reality, according to the people living in that area.

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