Chintamanu Mattam

                On completion of his country wide tour, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swamiji at last, reached Banaganapalle in Kurnool District. He stayed in the house of Garimireddi Acchchamma, taking care of the cattle and wrote his Kalagnana in nearly Ravvala Konda. On completion of writing Kalagnana, he got the Palmyra leaves (on which it was wirrten) buried and a Tamarind tree was planted on that. As time passes, his Kalagnana is getting popular among the people and is getting widely acclaimed by all. As the tamarind tree was got planted by Swamiji fell down due to heavy rains and winds, the villagers got another tamarind tree planted on the same place. That is now called as “Chintamanu Mattam”. Developing Chintamanu Mattam with the support of donors and the villagers around the area, free food is provided to the tourists and devotes who continue to throng there at all times.

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