Worthy servant I am, at the feet of my Guru;
Pretector Iam, of the feet of my Guru;
Worthy Iam, to become dust particle of His feet.
Dear brothern; know ye,
I have come here to inform
What I have just listened to.

‘Shake and rock and hush up
The so-called ethics of caste, birth and death !’
This Holy saying of Veeraguru, if not heeded.
Is impossible to get at, elsewhere for a few.

Erudition in vain

“Chadivinanduku moksha sadhanambedi?
Chaduvakundina Janulu sadhimpa leda?”

‘Did’ the scholars, with all their erudition, attain salvation?
Did’nt the mute illiterate attain it?

“Enni janmamu letti, enni tapamulu chesi,
Eejnma mettitini manasa?
Enni vidhamula naina erupamuna guruni
Edabayakundave manasa !
Chuduva lanniyu chadivi Sanyasi margamuna!
Sancharimpaga nela manasa?
Chaduvuto nunnatti sarvambu deesukoni
Sandehamunu manu manasa !”

Oh! Beloved self !
Before I enter this human body.
How many births did I have?
How many penances did I practice?
By some method or other, through some form or other
See that I do not part with my guru !
Having attained all knowledge,
Why roaming about in the path of sanyasins?
Let the essence of learning be acquired
And all doubts cleared !

The teacher and the taught

“Guruvu sishyudaye, sishyundu guruvaye,
Guruvu sishyula sandu gurutokkataye;
Guruvu sishyula sandu gurutuga telisite,
Eruka nijamaye, mari emiledaye !”

‘The master becomes the disciple
And the disciple becomes the master.
Between the two, if properly understood
Recognition becomes unique,
Knowledge is Truth, all other things are but illusion.