Is it not dangerous to sleep in a house
Where the snake (wild passion) has entered?
What for is that house?

True you have a wife
But she does not obey you
Is there any use of such troble-shooting stupid wife?
An envoy of Yama she is ! the Killer of all beings!
So termagant a wife !
Yes, she too has a complaint.
The husband has no love for his wife.
Then, what for is that husband?
No way is he better than the thorny – edged fragrant leaf (Mangrove)
Oh, hell it is to pull him up ! Wise it is, to pull him down !
Then, what for is that husband?


“Kasiki povalena? Theerthamu
Mosuku ravalena? !!Kasiki!!
Kasi theerthamu Kannula nunnadi
Besi kannu Siva kasiga nunnadi !!Kasiki!!

Why go on a pilgrimage to Kasi?
Should you carry home the so called sacred waters, all the way from Kasi?
Is not in your eye the sacred water of the Ganges?
Is not your burning odd eye a Sivakasi Resembling the third eye of Lord Siva?
Then why this pilgrimage to Kasi?

Moral Bankruptcy

Mano niranjana maite Matalela manaku?
Mano niranjana maite Matalela evvarito?
Kallu, Bangi, Sarayi tagi
Vollu mariachi Padanelaya?
Tindipotu mundalaKellanu
Tirupati Yatralu elanaya?
Parubotu mundala kellanu
Paramarthika melanaya?
Haddumeeri tirige mundaku
Buddhi cheppa mana kelanaya?
Vutta guruvula padamu pattite
Vunnamati ponelanaya?

When mind becomes impassionate,
Why all this irrelevant dialogue?
Why gossip with others? Pooh ! Reeling and falling down
Under the intoxication of
The toddy and the opium and the arrack?
Why pilgrimage to Tirupati
For these gluttonous concubines?
Tush ! spiritual knowledge
To these vagabond whores and harlots !
Should we reprimand
The wretched hags and roaming sluts?
Nay, seek not refuge
At the feet of vain and false preceptors !?
Why the little knowledge, you gained, be lost in no time?