Behold then, my good boy,
The Supreme form of knowledge called Chidrupam
Know thou the secret of Bradramudra
The splendid posture of the true devotee
Attaining the happiest state of salvation.
Put an end to all disguise and babbling,
Honour him who dishonor thee.
Let mind and looks unite !
Behold the omniscient Supreme Soul !
Reach thou the upper chamber !
Unite thyself eternally with the Supreme Spirit (Hamsa)

The Hidden Secrets A Reminder by Eshwaramma

Eshwaramma the grand daughter of Veerabrahmam, who was an unmarried yogini, reminds us, of the teachings of Veerabrahmam regarding the powers of constant practice of the Maha Mantra with devotion.

“Bhakti galigi manasanduna mantramu
Manaka nadapanannadu ;
Mantra tantramulu maya gadu – ika
Marmambidi yani annadu ;
Telisina Bhaktulu teliyani variki
Jnanamu telupandannadu;
Reyi pagalu ma dwadasakshari
Mantramu nadapandannadu.”

Did he not instruct that the mantra should
Consciously and devotedly be practised ?
Did he not say that the mantra and tantra
Were not unreal but hidden secrets ?
Did he not ask the learned devotees to impart
Knowledge to those who were ignorant of it ?
(Mantra composed of the twelve mystic syllables)
Constantly be practised ?

The Supreme Spirit

“Anadhigate Vedante KalimalaKalushe jane sada charati
Veerabrahmabhidhaya samajani lokehi Shankaram tejah”
                             Dr. Puttaparti Narayanacharya

‘When people were at a loss to know
The meaning of Upanishads
When they were constantly groping in darkness
With their minds polluted by the immorality of this Kali age
Then descended unto this earth
Ah, the Supreme Spirit of Shiva
In the name of Veerabrahmam.’