Biography.... Swami Sri Veerabrahmendra


A Monograph on Pothuluri Veerabrahmam


A Human Document

The real history of any country is the history of her spiritual personalities with human characteristics. Particularly in India it is this history that moulded her life and showed an example to the wider world. In fact, a Buddha, a S’ankara and a Gandhi exerted much more influence on her than what an Asoka and a Harshavardhana did.

It is also a peculiar phenomenon that at every critical time in the social, cultural and spiritual life of this country there was born a great man, generally a saint, to save her from the prevailing chaotic condition and gloom. It was that saint who showed the nation the right royal road to peaceful life.

During the middle of the seventeenth century this country was passing through a great social and religi¬ous crisis. In South India, Rayalaseema greatly suffered after the battle of Rakshasi - Tangadi (Talli Kota). The depredations suffered by the city of Vijayanagar, the spirit of independence displayed by the petty palegars and the endless differences among the later Vijayanagar Princes added to the social disorder. They invited the aid of Deccan Sultans in their struggle for power. In some of the encounters the Vijayanagar Princes lost a large portion of their empire to the Deccan Sultans who tried to expand their own empire by installing their deputees, the Petty Nawabs. A disastr¬ous civil war convulsed the Vijayanagar Empire and finally resulted in a social and religious crisis. The Petty Nawabs began to rule this part of the land bring¬ing into their fold small towns and villages. There appeared on the scene the Nawab of Cuddapah, the Nawab of Kurnool, the Nawab of Siddhavatam and another Nawab of Banaganapalle.

During this time, lived a great man, a saint poet, Swami Sri Veerabrahmendra for some time in Banaganapalle of Kurnool District and later in Kandimallayapalle of Cuddapah District.

His life was miraculous in many ways. Basically he was a man, full of human qualities. He began his career as a blacksmith and sculptor, but rose to the heights of a spiritual saint. Although one likes to take only the human view of his life, it is difficult to resist the temptation of taking the spiritual view of his life. The reason for this is simple. The life of any saint is spiritual. Through his own intense and strenuous efforts he rises to the spiritual heights. This happened in the case of Swami Sri Veerabrahmendra.

Left to myself, I am very much attracted towards the human and universal aspects of his life. There is quite a lot in it which requires to be introduced to the wider world. And this urge prompted me to make a sincere attempt to write a book in English.

I have undertaken to write this book at the initiative of two good friends of mine, T. Venkateswarlu a devotee of Swami Sri Veerabrahmendra and J. V. Appaiah Sastry, a learned gentleman on the old rung. The Latter, alas, is no more now!

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